teaching philosophyI believe that every student has the ability to learn and succeed. In order for this ability to become reality, students must become active learners, interested in their education. I believe in a multiple modality approach to education and that there isn’t a one-size-fits-all answer to the classroom. My goal is to help students not only learn the academic content but facilitate creativity, critical thinking, and problem solving so that students become life long learner with a sense of pride and ownership in their education.

I want to help guide students from concrete learners to abstract learners through hands-on and project based experiences. It is important to engage students with interesting lessons so they remember the big idea, the experience, and the joy of learning something new.

To me, teaching is a calling rather than a choice. I simply cannot see myself in any other career. I love working with students, creating lesson plans, and collaborating with others teachers. There is nothing more exciting than seeing a student take pride in their accomplishments and knowing that I had something to do with that — even if it’s just in some small part.